1. Pointless Rant #1

    Look, I have no problem sharing with certain people. It is almost like a formality. You say something like, “May I use _________?” and I respond, “Of course.” and the wheels continue to turn. But what I do mind is when someone assumes that they can just use my shit whenever they want. If you ask to borrow something and begin to reach for it, as if I have to let you borrow it, the answer turns from “yes” to “no” with the snap of a finger. Or to use something of mine without even asking like, “What, were you going to say no?”, well, I wasn’t before, but now I am seriously tempted. The notion that I am somehow obligated to turn my shit over to you for whatever reason, it seems a bit pretentious. Who the fuck do you think you are? But that’s just me.

    This post is subject to change as other content comes to mind.

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